Berfin Ozek: Victim of an Acid Attack

Berfin Ozek was ambushed by her ex-boyfriend and thrown sulphuric acid at her face as she was going back home from school, January 15, 2019. Berfin lost her face and her sight dramatically, hospitalised for 4 months. Her assailant Casim Ozan Celtik is arrested on the day of the attack and imprisoned. Since the attack Berfin has been forced to stay indoors as her injuries are heavily effected by sunlight and has stayed at home since the attack while awaiting treatment. A social media campaign was launched afterwards for Berfin who is living a slum neighbourhood in Iskenderun, Hatay. As her family’s financial situation is not sufficient enough to afford the surgery, the Ministry of Health will offer financial aid for her treatment in a private hospital. Berfin spent her entire time at home when waiting for the treatment. The process will begin next week and will take at least a year to fully complete. Berfin is hoping to get back her appearance, she will undergo 5 different surgical operation in due process. She had to leave her school but wants to study psychology at college. “I didn’t deserve that! This is not my face. This is the face of disgrace of society” Berfin says.
According to “We’ll Stop Femicide Platform”, 440 women lost their life in male violence in 2018. 474 women were murdered by men in 2019. Women rights organisations campaign to pressure Erdogan’s government to enforce laws about women rights in Turkey.


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