Powerful Earthquakes in Southern Turkey: Revenge of Concrete

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit near Kahramanmaras city, Turkey, in the early hours of Monday, February 6 2023, followed by another 7.5-magnitude tremor just after midday. The quakes caused widespread destruction in southern Turkey and northern Syria and were felt in nearby countries.

More than 50 thousand people died and more than 100 thousand people were injured in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on February 6, 2023. According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, 14 million people were affected and 216 thousand 347 victims were evacuated from the region to other provinces. According to the UN, the cost of the earthquakes that caused destruction in 11 cities in southeastern Turkey is more than 100 billion.

In the earthquake zone, 7 million 85 thousand 969 building registration certificates were issued throughout Turkey under the “Zoning Reconciliation” issued before the Presidential elections in 2018. With the “Zoning Reconciliation”, it was revealed that a total of 294 thousand illegal buildings were forgiven in 10 provinces hit by the earthquake.

According to the data of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, out of 387.346 buildings in the earthquake zone, the number of collapsed, heavily damaged or urgently demolished buildings is 50 thousand 576.


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